IMPORTANT: TVA no longer promotes Vegetarianism, Animal Welfare and Single Issue campaigns like Ban on Fur, Humane meat nonsense, Cage Free nonsense. Click here to know why. TVA believes that Veganism is not just a matter of reducing suffering; it’s a matter of fundamental moral justice. It is what we owe to those who, like us, value their lives and who want to continue to live.

TVA successfully holds its Annual Board meeting


 in action: Jamphel Rinzing

TVA Administrative Office, Mysore (India), April 18, 2007


Tbetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA) held its Annual 'Board of Directors' meeting to discuss on various issues and plans to develop more effective program strategies. It was more like an Annual General Meeting as many issues other than the Board affairs were also discussed. The total duration of the meeting was about 12 hours as the meeting continued the next day. 
In an attempt to build a sound organizational structure and practices, a new bylaw called 'Constitution of TVA' was proposed by Mr. Monlam Lobsang and was then unanimously approved by the Board. The new bylaw contains 12 sections which describes the overall functioning of the organization.



board-meeting-annual-report.jpgAnnual report for the fiscal year 2006 - 2007 was presented to the Board by the two Managing Directors and the financial report was presented by TVA’s Accountant Miss Tsering Youdon lak. These reports will be made available online later on  - TVA’s official website.

The Board reappointed Mr. Monlam Lobsang and Mr. Rapsel Tsariwa as the Managing Directors of the organization who would be responsible for building a team of executives to execute the organization’s mission and Board’s plans and strategies. Both of them will serve the organization indefinitely until the Board desire to change. It was resolved that the remuneration package for the Managing Directors will be decided by the Board.


TVA's Financial Report being read by Tsering Youdon

Some of the key resolutions that were passed unanimously by the Board are:
1.  Privatization of Kundhe Restaurant at Mundgod
board-meeting-youdon.jpg2.  Opening a new branch office in Dharamsala by July 6, 2007
3.  Appointment of five new Board members namely, Ani Tenzin Sangmo, Mrs. Nyima Tsamchoe, Mrs. Kalsang Tsering, Dr. Jamyang Gyatso and Mr. Nyima Tsering
4.  For visits outside India for Fundraising, transparency will be maintained at all levels, both internally and externally.
5.  A new education program (on animals) for kids under age 10
6.  Organizing religious discourses (on animals as sentient beings) by eminent monks in the Tibetan community.

The meeting was adjourned on April 19, 2007 at 5:30PM i.e. after two days of its initiation, with a concluding speech by Geshe Sonam Dawa lak. The meeting was a great success and the Board believes that this meeting will prove to be a milestone in the development of the organization and the Animal Rights Movement. 

board-meeting-geshela.jpgThe new name-list of TVA’s Board of Directors:
1.  Geshe Sonam Dawa
2.  Mr. Jamphel Rinzing
3.  Mr. Rinchen Lhaze
4.  Mr. Rapsel Tsariwa
5.  Mr. Monlam Lobsang
6.  Mr. Nyima Tsering
7.  Ani Tenzin Sangmo 
8.  Mrs. Kalsang Tsering 
9.  Dr. Jamyang Gyatso
10.  Mrs. Nyima Tsamchoe
Tibetan Volunteers for Animals is a registered non-govt. non-profit organization based in Mysore. TVA strives to end animal sufferings by promoting vegetarianism across the globe.