Vegan Living

When first starting out on the vegan path, you may feel a little lost but don’t worry we are here to help. In this section you will find information on Vegan Lifestyle, from eating to medicines, from fashion to dealing with social situations.

Eating and Grocery Shopping

Wondering where you can find vegan food or where to go shopping for vegan food? Here are some tips on where to shop for Vegan eatables and how to check if a packet in your hand is Vegan.

Beauty and Fashion

Everything you need to know about Vegan Fashion. How and where to find Vegan Cosmetics, clothing, boots. Also find Brands that do not test on animals and much more in this section.

Social Situations

Going Vegan may be the easiest thing to do but then in social situations you may find yourself alone if you are not well prepared and educated on dealing with these kind of situations. There may be the sideways glances, rolling eyes, and the questions-questions-questions asked by family, friends, and coworkers.  Some people ask with excitement, wonder, or genuine concern.  Others ask to challenge your commitment to compassion and justice.  It’s not always easy.